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    INGREDIENTS 1 ½ Cups creamy Greek style yoghurt1 ½ Tsp vanilla extract3 Tbsp honey1 cup mixed berries METHOD Mix 2 Tbsp honey, vanilla and yoghurt in a bowl and mix. Place into glasses or bowls then top with berries. Serves 2
    Fresh berries are now a "MUST HAVE" for Christmas.  Such is the demand that we are responding to calls and form enquiries - we are about to make the whole FRESH BERRIES catering simple and great value for our friends and customers this Christmas. "How?" You May Ask A simple chart on our...
    As Much As We Love Passionate People Wanting Work ... At Big Berry, we have our systems and crews in place every part of the year, from planting to growth management, nourishment, environmental care and much more. We have an excellent team that picks and packs from the first picking to the...
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