• Integrated Pest Management



    Essentially, growing plants at the correct time of the year (seasonally) and on land or soil that suits that plant, will reduce the likelihood of pests and disease. Just like humans –a healthy plant is more likely to be able to resist attack from pests and disease then a plant under stress.


    Other cultural and management controls used in berry production are:-

    • proper land preparation and attention to drainage prior to planting
    • raised beds for growing the berry cane
    • rigorous weed and sucker control
    • mowing of grassed inter- beds to minimise natural habitat of many pests
    • best quality of nursery stock
    • primocane management to allow good air flow through the canopy
    • regular harvesting to avoid over ripe fruit on canes proper post harvest cooling and handling of fruit
    • soil and leaf testing for more precise analysis of plant’s health

    More recently, the industry has moved to more capital intensive production of berries. We have seen:-

    • use of protective covering for better control of climatic conditions (Haygrove tunnels)
    • highest quality of root stock (with companies like Driscolls supplying world’s best varieties) to selected growers
    • focused watering (drip irrigation) and use of fertigation to put water and nutrients in the root zone of the berry plant
    • use of water misting or fogging to relieve plants during extremely hot weather conditions.
  • Quality Assurance - Freshcare

    Freshcare is the fresh produce industry’s own on-farm assurance program, meeting the needs of Australian growers in fulfilling both domestic and international market requirements.

    Freshcare is a HACCP based Food Safety and Quality Program, widely accepted by all industry sectors – retail, processing and food service. It is currently the largest Australian on-farm assurance program for fresh produce and remains a widely accepted food safety certification for both domestic and export markets.


    Aus-Qual is the appointed Certification Body for Freshcare National On-Farm Quality Assurance Program and the Big Berry holds such accreditation and has for some time.

  • Haygrove Tunnels

    These "tunnels" along with raised and potted beds give a better growing environment for our berries, providing frost protection, better biological control, extended cropping cycle and more comfortable and accessible environment for our pickers.

    Sustainable Farming

    With a range of protected and managed environments - our water and mulching needs are mostly met by our own catchment, recycling of mulched berry canes and better netted and tunneled housings.

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