Healthy. Tasty. Nutritious and incredibly Versatile

    BLUEBERRIES – The “Miracle” Berry

    At The Big Berry we cultivate some of the finest blueberries available and hand-pick them at the peak of their natural sweetness, in December, January, February and early March.


    Our commitment to providing only the finest blueberries starts in the field and continues through pre-cooling, inspection, packaging and shipping. Full time quality control staff guarantee that the highest standards are met. All our fruit is air cooled prior to packing to ensure optimum quality and shelf life.


    One of the world's healthiest foods

    Like blueberries, raspberries are hand-picked and carefully selected and graded.

    Raspberries are prized for their use in mouth-watering pies, fresh fruit salads and the most elegant of desserts. These summer jewels don’t just taste great, they are powerhouses of health, rich in fibre and Vitamin C.



    highest antioxidant levels of any fruit

    Blackberries are not only high in anti-oxidants but an excellent source folic acid potassium, calcium and iron.


    Our special “Karaka” and "Victoria" blackberries are 2 superb varieties grown under licence and carefully researched to produce fruit of optimal flavour, quality and size.


    Once you've tried our blackberries - there's NO going back.

  • Berry Q & A

    Questions we are often asked

    How long can I keep them frozen?

    Our frozen berries undergo a fast-freezing process shortly after being picked and are then delivered to our packing shed which houses a large coolroom and freezer room. Once frozen, they maintain their taste, consistency and nutrition level for an indefinite time. Just take what you need from the frozen container - the berries always "flow" freely - then pop their container back into your freezer.

    Do they need to be washed?

    In regards to our berries - we don't believe so. Our berries are packaged clean, but exposure outside the container, and defrosting may mean a quick wash is warranted.. Although most frozen fruits and vegetables are washed before packaging, it is still prudent to wash them before use.

    What's the difference between 1st and "bulk" (2nd class) berries?


    • they taste the same, have the same texture and the same nutrition value
    • they will cook, blend or puree the same
    • they come from the same farm, the same patch of quality earth and from the same berry plant.


    • First class will be of a consistent size, shape and coloration - Second class will vary
    • First Class will be sold for a higher price than Second Class berries.


    Defrosting Berries

    Our berries are clean and dry when packed for selling FRESH or FRESHLY FROZEN. Thawing should be done "gently" ( don't microwave them as that process can make them "soggy".


    The best ways to defrost are :

    • pour the required amount of berries into bowl and allow to defrost ( about 10-12 minutes )
    • pour into a bowl and cover with cold water ( about 5 minutes to defrost )
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