The Big Berry is a family owned and operated business with a strong emphasis on producing the tastiest and highest quality berry varieties. Great pride is taken in delivering premium fresh and freshly-frozen berries.


    Berries are freshly picked and packed daily.
    Freshly frozen berries are usually available ALL YEAR round but have been sold out quickly due to the demand for these berries with excellent immune boosting super foods

    Delicious, Fresh and Healthy


    With the natural climate and terroir advantages of the Yarra Valley berries are naturally vibrant in colour and bursting with rich flavour. We maintain tight controls through every process from planting to picking, packing and distribution and are rewarded with reliably fantastic fruit.


    We supply premium fresh berries in 125gm punnets to major supermarkets via our national distributor.


    We also sell freshly frozen 'bulk' blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in 500gm "super-punnets" at our Yarra Valley farmgate shop at very accessible prices ( by appointment and minimum quantities apply*. This class tp of berries may vary in size and colour yet provides the same taste and nutritional value as our first class berries.





  • Local Berries

    fresher, healthier and tastier

    Trust in the Quality

    The best stock managed carefully in a pristine environment.

    Our quality plants are treated with the love and care that produces great tasting and nutritious fruit. They live and grow in a healthy environment

    Low Food Miles

    Fresher and with lower greenhouse emissions

    Our freshly frozen berries travel as little as to our Yarra Valley farmgate shop and into your hands - or quickly to Markets and other outlets throughout Greater Melbourne.

    Buy Direct*

    Our Farmgate shop opens to the public who have registered on our FARM page

    * Specific dates and times our Farmgate opens to the public for freshly frozen 500gm blueberry, raspberry & blackberry punnets

  • the FARM

    Fruits of the Farm

    Our Yarra Valley Property

    The Big Berry is located at Hoddles Creek, some 60km east of Melbourne. Set in picturesque surroundings, the farm has been established since 1985 on 16 hectares of rich red soil. The combination of temperate climate and fertile soil are perfect for growing a variety of berries.


    In close proximity to major highways and nestled in the beautiful Yarra Valley, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are grown, packed and delivered to wholesale and retail outlets across Australia.


    Driven by the desire for excellence, our processes are constantly being refined to reduce handling time and delivering berries to our pre-cooler as quickly as possible. Rapid cooling is critical in maintaining fresh, just picked quality.


    Because our customers want the best, we continuously work toward introducing new berry varieties for improved quality and flavour.

    Yarra Valley Berry Produce

    Our crops are planted, pruned and harvested entirely by hand. Experienced pickers return year after year for the busy harvest season.


    Hand sorting ensures that only the highest quality berries are packed and sold.


    Grown, picked and packaged, in the Yarra Valley under the strictest quality standards, our juicy berries go from field to market daily (in season). They are distributed to supermarkets, fruiterers and fresh produce markets throughout Australia.


    Our recent exposure - and expansion - into local markets has proven very popular with excellent access for lovers of nutritious and tasty local berries.
    Special prices and access directly to freshly picked berries will be available twice monthly on bi-weekly Saturdays.


    Please drop us a line via the contact form - on the the FARM PAGE and we'll be sure to invite you to special access and pricing at the Big Berry. We'll only email you with details relevant to the above and only when it's required.


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