Direct from the farm at Farmgate Prices.

    Freshly Frozen berries available ALL YEAR round.
    Delicious, Fresh and Healthy.
    Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries.


    The Big Berry is a family owned and operated business - led by Paul Casey, with a strong emphasis on quality and variety . We take great pride in producing premium fresh and freshly-frozen berries ..... and our ever-friendly country style customer service.


    With the natural climate and terroir advantages of the Yarra Valley, our berries are naturally vibrant in colour and bursting with rich flavour. We maintain tight controls through every process from planting to picking, packing and distribution.


    We supply premium fresh berries in 125gm punnets to major supermarkets via our national distributor.

    We also sell freshly frozen 'second class' blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in 500gm "super-punnets" at our farmgate shop in the Yarra Valley at very accessible prices. This class of berries may vary in size and colour yet still provide the same taste and nutritional value as our first class berries.

  • Local Berries

    fresher, healthier and tastier

    Low Food Miles

    Fresher with lower greenhouse emissions

    Our freshly frozen berries travel as little as to our farmgate shop on the property and into your hands -or quickly from the Yarra Valley to our Melbourne outlets.

    Trust in the Quality

    The best stock managed carefully

    Our quality plants are treated with the love and care that produces great tasting and nutritious fruit. They live and grow in a healthy environment

    Buy Direct

    Our Farmgate shop is open during picking season

    Value-packed 500gm packs at far better prices than supermarkets offer - local, freshly frozen.

    Off-season - call to arrange purchase and pickup.


    Get onto the Maroondah Highway and drive to Lilydale
    then follow the GUIDE below.

    There is also a live Google Map in the Contact section on the FARM page

    Picking is underway and we have freshly frozen 1/2kg punnets available NOW
    as many as you need.....

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    As Much As We Love Passionate People Wanting Work ... At Big Berry, we have our systems and...
    2017年10月6日 · news,health
    Our picking season approaches and our crops are looking to be of outstanding quality this year....
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